Lots of dads dream of the adventures they will have when their children go to university.

Mike Miller, 49, of Longbourn, Windsor is no exception.

Which is why he is now part of a crew navigating the world in the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Mr Miller was corporate treasurer for a Middle Eastern phone operator for nine years and an investment banker for 19.

But his wife Nicky has supported his current adventure all the way - even driving the crew around in her car ahead of the race's start in Liverpool back in August.

Last week Mr Miller and an international crew including a Chinese man, a Russian man and Australian woman skipper Wendy Tuck stopped off in China on their yacht Sanya Serenity Coast - halfway through their journey.

Miss Tuck led her crew up on stage to receive garlands from the city of Sanya, before a banquet and an in port race featuring all 11 competing yachts which was televised live on Chinese TV.

They left Sanya on Sunday and are now undertaking the 1,600 nautical miles trip north to Quingdao.

Chris Harris, communications manager for the race, said: "It’s not just the drop in temperature that will challenge them; the northerly route offers mostly upwind conditions due to tough head winds and choppy seas as the fleet makes its way around Taiwan, through the East China Sea, which can make life extra uncomfortable on board.

"However, the good news is that at approximately 1,600nm in length, this is one of the shorter races of the series, expected to take around ten days to complete."

One of the biggest challenges the teams will face is navigating safely through heavy fog and commercial shipping before heading across the Yellow Sea and into Qingdao.

The good news is that the Sanya team is now in second place.

The crew has sailed past Uruguay, South Africa and Australia. It has still to pass New York and Seattle before returning to Liverpool in July.