A former pupil at Newlands Girls School hopes to make history this summer by being part of the first ever crew of three to row across the Pacific Ocean.

Sport scientist Cazz Lander, 28, who attended Newlands School in Farm Road, Maidenhead, is taking part in the Great Pacific Race from California to Hawaii in June.

The 2,400 mile challenge will see Ms Lander and her two crewmates Megan Hoskin and Andrea Quigley rowing more than 13 hours a day to keep the boat moving round the clock, facing waves of up to 30 feet at times as well as potential capsizes, sharks and whales.

They aim to set world records and increase awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans while raising sponsorship money for Mind, the mental health charity.

Ms Lander, who lived at Boyn Hill for 18 years, said: "No female crew has ever won the Great Pacific race before and the Pacific Terrific crew aim to change this by winning the race and setting a new Guinness world record as the first crew of three in history to row the Pacific Ocean, while also breaking the record for the youngest female crew of three ever to row any ocean on earth - as well as the fastest too."

The three must spend over two months alone on the ocean on a 25 ft long boat called Danielle that has no sails or engines, only oars.

Ms Lander said: "There is one small cabin for storage at the bow of the boat and one for accommodation at the stern. You can barely sit, let alone stand or stretch. In seas too rough or dangerous to row, we will only have this for shelter.

"The rules say that all food and equipment must be carried on the boat for the duration of the crossing and we're not allowed to accept anything from passing boats.

"Any equipment failure on the boat will have to be dealt by us alone, at sea."

Sporting excellence is part of Ms Lander's everyday life in her role as a sports scientist.

She has worked at some of the biggest sporting events on the planet, including the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

You can support the Pacific Terrific Crew at their fundraising page on www.gofundme.com/PacificTerrific.