Worried army cadets who feared for their unit's future when the Household Cavalry Regiment leaves Windsor have been reassured - by a top officer.

Major General Ben Bathurst has paid a special visit to meet Army Cadets of 18 Troop, Household Cavalry Regiment at Combermere Barracks in St Leonard's Road, Windsor.

The Household Division commander took time to talk with the cadets after inspecting the unit.

Having spent five years as a Cadet himself with the Combined Cadet Force Major General Bathurst was sympathetic to their concerns about the future.

Changes are due to happen to Combermere.

The assignment of the new 40 ton AJAX Armoured Vehicle to the Household Calvary means see the majority of the unit relocating to Salisbury Plain and being replaced by the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards at Windsor.

The Major General wanted to reassure the cadets that their unit would remain within the Household Calvary Regiment and that they will continue to be supported by the Regular Army.

Within the London district there are 2,500 regular soldiers, 4,500 reserves and 9,800 cadets.

Regular soldiers are currently assisting cadet adult volunteers within the London units and the Major General explained that this outreach approach will also be adopted by the Welsh Guards when they relocate to Combermere.

It looks as if the Cadets still have a great future and will be making some new friends.