OH what a night, what a musical, what a belter of a sing song evening out, writes Paul Thomas.

The sound of New Jersey Nights has arrived at the Theatre Royal Windsor and some, as four guys took the stage by storm on a first night which of a sensation all set to really light the fires.

Joshua Dever, William Hazel, Ricky Rojas and Damian Scarcella bring the sound of a generation and songs which many love, but don’t even know they belong to Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons – a quartet who lasted so long and created a sound that many have copied yet none have emulated.

These guys are as good as it gets. The harmonies, top notes of high-pitched castrato, bass, baritone and tenor all combine to give you the magic that is the Four Seasons’ sound of the the 60s and beyond.

From Oh What a Night, Beggin’, Big Man In Town, Dawn, Rag Doll, Let’s Hang On, My Eyes Adored You and more in a scintillating first half, this wonderful quartet had the audience beguiled with the acrobatic a capella and street-wise wonders we associate with Frankie’s favourite numbers.

Bring in the girls to do some motown and the early set was complete with Be My Baby and Da Do Ron Ron.The dancing was electric, the background set superb with American diner dreamboat quality, but when they sung out it was a great accompaniment to the lead act. Jokes, gaffs an on-stage antics are all part of this lovely night out.

The guys really do make you feel you are part of their realm.The thing is, you forget how many of the songs you know and completely forget that they all belong to Frankie.

We listen to them all the time, we hear them TV adverts, we hear them on the radio, we see the lyrics to describe products – we just never know it was all down to them. The set was star-driven dramatic American diner with a great band aloft in the night sky as the sounds rang out. The guys’ jackets sparkled out in red, in silver and in gold. And it wasn’t just their harmonies that were in sync, it was their choreography.

The four-part steps in time and in line with classic doo-wop wonder were just great, their in-sync fully choreographed chorus line canters across stage, the stuff of Four Seasons legend. They started a genre that is still revered today, copied, enhanced but never bettered.

The second half highlighted Why Do Fools Fall IN love?, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, My Girl, Earth Angel, Silence Is Golden, Blue Moon, Working My Way Back to You, Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You and Who Loves You? and of course the title song from the famous favourite musical Grease.

This is a sing-song sensation. Cheer, dance and listen to the sound of a generation.

New Jersey Nights, Theatre Royal Windsor, until Saturday. Box office: 01753 853888 or theatreroyalwindsor.co.uk