The Windsor Lions are running a free prostate cancer screening initiative.

It will take place at Windsor Racecourse on Thursday, April 26 offering an opportunity for any man in the ‘at risk’ age group to have their prostate checked for what is the most common form of cancer for men.

Lion Diane Purchase, the event organiser, said: “The club felt the need for greater awareness of prostate cancer and we wanted to build on the success of the first two events we ran in June 2014 and April 2016.

"These attracted approximately 750 attendees in total so we know the demand is there – approximately 8% showed signs of prostate cancer in various stages, a few with a serious condition. The early intervention however undoubtedly helped and in some cases may have saved lives.”

Windsor Lions are encouraging men aged 40 and above to come along for a PSA blood test. There will be a top Urologist, now retired, on call to give information and answer any questions as well as fully qualified Phlebotomists. 

Mrs Purchase said: “We have just 12 weeks until the event and we want any ‘at risk’ male to put the date in the diary right now – remember, Thursday evening, 4.30pm to 8.30pm at Royal Windsor Racecourse on 26th April, everyone is welcome to just turn up.

"We will be manning a promotional stall on the first two Monday racing events of the new flat season on so if anyone has any queries or worries that would be a great time to answer them.”