Brigidine School in Kings Road is to relaunch itself with a new name.

The independent, Catholic school will become Queensmead School over the coming weeks. It was established as Brigidine Convent by the St Brigid Order of nuns in 1948 but the nuns have not been involved since 2004.

The school's proprietor Michael Fleming said: “The decision to change the school’s name was as a result of many people being under the false impression that the school was still owned and run by the Order. It was felt the change of name was the correct way forward."

The school will become co-educational for students between two and 18 from September.

Dawn Fleming, head of business affairs, said: “We are regularly asked by current and prospective parents whether we have plans in place to extend our educational offering to boys beyond the current age limited of 11. We are very pleased that we are now able to do so as Queensmead School, Windsor."