A SEVERELY injured kitten has been spared a leg amputation thanks to the generosity of online donors.

Bueno, who belongs to Manoor Khan, 15, of Langley, was hurt when she was struck by a hit-and-run driver.

Her older sister, Masuma Khan, 23, of Iver, launched an online appeal to pay for surgery which raised thousands in just hours.

She said: “It was amazing. We used social media to spread it around, and in 24 hours we had received £2,400 which was enough to cover the surgery. Any extra money will be donated towards an animal charity, to help others in similar situations to ours.

“Bueno’s bone couldn’t be put back together, so they put in a metal brace instead. They took the cast off him recently - he’s been trying walk on it, which he shouldn’t do. We’ve been told to keep him in a cage for two months to allow his leg time to heal properly, and encourage him to not walk around.”

On the fundraising page, Mrs Khan wrote: “I can’t thank you all enough and I feel so proud that our community came together and pulled through.”

Over £2,765 was raised. for Bueno. The total cost of the surgery and treatment so far has been £2,200.