NOISE hitting residents around Heathrow Airport has decreased by 15 per cent in the last 11 years, according to a new report.

The independent analysis from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was commissioned by Heathrow.

Heathrow sustainability director Matt Gorman said: “Heathrow has some of the world’s toughest rules and regulations on noise, which have played a major role in driving developments in quieter aircraft technology.

“Over the past 30 years, we have managed to more than double our passenger numbers while decreasing our noise footprint to its smallest levels yet – this is testament to the efforts of Heathrow and our airline and manufacturing partners to reduce the impact of the operations.”

The figure means that 15 per cent fewer households are impacted by noise. The report comes at the same time as the latest quarterly ‘Fly Quiet and Green’ results, ranking the performance of 50 airlines from July to September this year.

The new league table ranks Air India fleet as the quietest flying to Heathrow from July to September.