They came in their hundreds - Santas of all shapes and sizes, racing through Windsor as they made their contribution to the Royal Borough's new children's hospice.

The event of course was the annual Santa Dash organised by the A lexander Devine Children's Hospice Service, the charity which has raised the money for a new children's hospice in Maidenhead due to open next year.

The fund raising never stops and 400 'dashers' turned up at Cambridge Gate on the Long Walk to talk part in the 5k Santa Dash, being held for the fifth time.

The event raised £13,000, the most it has ever managed.

The charity's community fundraiser Julia Philipson said: "We have always aimed at getting 400 people taking part and this time we managed it. We had people with dogs, pushchairs, some just wanted to walk."

The Santas were seen off by the Governor of Windsor Castle Admiral Sir James Perowne and Fiona Devine, the founder of the charity.

Early morning people wondering through Windsor were treated to an amazing sight asall the Santas raced through and around the centre of the town.

They took in Castle Hill, Windsor Yards, Peascod Street, William Street, Bachelors Acre - looping back on themselves to avoid any dangerous roads.

Julia said: "It was the most joyful event, something to really make people laugh.

"It is all about making memories and we really managed that."

There were 50 volunteers acting as marshals and he event was sponsored by Horler Estate Agents.