The campaign to place 10 or more publicly accessible defibrillators around Windsor Town Centre has already achieved almost half its objective.

A partnership made up of Windsor Lions, Windsor Rotary, Windsor Street Angels and Windsor Town Centre Manager Paul Roach was launched in January to fund the life saving machines.

If someone suffers a sudden cardiac arrest statistics published by the Ambulance Service have shown that where a defibrillator is used promptly there is a significant - up to 70% - increase in an individual's chance of survival.

Already enough funds have been pledged or donations made to provide at least four in the centre of Windsor. Sites for these are currently being discussed but the first site has been agreed - on the Wall of Minton Place at the corner of William Street and it is hoped it can be unveiled by the end of April.

Pledges have also been received to fund more defibrillators from Windsor Lions Club, The Shanly Foundation and a through private donation from the late Harry Purchase's estate to honour his memory and his 40 plus years of dedicated work with Windsor Lions. The most appropriate sites are currently being evaluated.

Various options are still being explored to increase the donors and donations - a letter has been sent to businesses and talks are being held with other Windsor retailers. Cash pledges towards the cost have also been made via The Lions Club of Windsor Website ( where donations can be made via Just Giving.

Windsor Rotary Club members will be promoting and collecting funds for the partnership at their upcoming Stroke Awareness Day on April 22 in Windsor Royal Shopping Centre.