A magazine editor from Windsor has made a name for herself through her hobby of wild camping.

Phoebe Smith first got involved with sleeping in the wild away from restricted camp sites when she was 24 and working in Australia.

It became a passion of hers that has led to her camping all across the UK and writing several books about her hobby.

She said: “I was working and living in Sydney for a year and a friend convinced me it would be fun to go and sleep in the Outback with essentially nothing but a thin cover for a sleeping bag.” Miss Smith took her first solo journey to Snowdonia in Wales and despite being nervous and having a difficult time, she emerged a true wild camper.

She said: “Loads of people warned me that things would go wrong – that I’d get murdered, mugged or eaten by a bear.

“I got sunburnt, bitten alive by midges, chased by a sheep and in the middle of the night awoke to footsteps.”

“I made it out by myself, without relying on anyone else. From that moment on I was a wild camping addict and wanted to push myself further.”

Following these moments of glory, Phoebe now tries to camp wherever she can to get an experience that money simply cannot buy.

She said: “I love being able to pitch a spot far from civilisation – with mountains as my headboard and the grass as my mattress.

“The best bit comes in the morning, after a good night’s sleep, where I have that wonderful moment when I first open my tent flap and get to see the incredible landscape at my door at dawn. I call it the ‘reveal’ moment – and it takes my breath away every time… It reminds you that the best things in life, aren’t things.”

To see more of Phoebe’s adventures, visit www.Phoebe-Smith.com.