A popular independent cafe in Windsor is under threat with staff told they could lose their jobs due to difficulties over a new lease.

Cinnamon Cafe is in the Windsor Royal Shopping Centre area controlled by Capita Property and Aviva and was approaching the end of its long-term lease.

Cafe owners were expecting to hear that it would be given another lease on the building it occupies but no such call came in – forcing owners to inform staff that they may have to be made redundant – with only a month remaining on the existing lease.

Their cause has even been backed by BBC television presenter, Nick Knowles, who called the move ‘outrageous’.

Owner Ian Jones said: “We assumed we would be getting a renewal on the lease. We’re a very popular and very successful business in the centre of town and we can’t understand why this has happened.

“Obviously if Aviva want to use our space for something else that’s their decision, but it would be great for them to tell us either way so that we can either continue with our staff or make sure they are able to get jobs in whichever establishment ends up taking our place.”

Mr Jones has been offered a one-month rolling contract, but a great deal of uncertainty still surrounds the cafe’s future.

He added: “The rolling contract allows us to put forward a proposal for what we want to do, but it doesn’t really help us attract employees or settle our future.”

“Someone mentioned relocation, but there is no other location.”

Mr Knowles said: “Cinnamon is at the heart of Windsor. It has character and is a meeting place for the community.

“It’s successful and employs around thirty people and without any warning, explanation or correspondence they’re facing closure.”

An Aviva Investors spokesperson said: “The lease for the Cinnamon Cafe is coming to an end and we are considering our options for the unit. This is an ongoing process and no decision has been made. We do understand the tenant’s concerns and our letting agents are speaking to them to examine their options, one of which is for them to submit their business plan and proposals for reinvestment in the unit. We expect discussions to continue over the coming weeks.”