A school in Windsor was turned into Hogwarts for two days last week in celebration of world book day.

Brigidine school in Kings Road transformed their grand school building with a magical Harry Potter-themed refurbishment and spent the two days immersed in JK Rowling’s world of wizards.

A replica platform nine and three quarters, complete with its own secret door, led children through to the Hogwarts Express train before they entered the school gates and were sorted into houses using the famous sorting hat.

The school’s head of business, Dawn Fleming said: “I think some of the teachers enjoyed it as much as the children.

“We’re all exhausted after it, but it was very much worth it.”

“We really thought about everything - we converted the dining room into the great hall, complete with flags and everything.”

Children were encouraged to take parts in a variety of Harry Potter-based activities such as quidditch and a quiz.

Each child was given a card on which they could accumulate points for their allocated houses and the child with the most points at the end of the two days was rewarded with family tickets to the Harry Potter studio tour in Leavesden.

Mrs Fleming added: “We recently added an extra two weeks to our school year, so we have an extra ten days to do things like this.

“It was still educational, but it was also a lot of fun and I think because we have those extra days, we have a bit more flexibility than other schools.

“We were going to just do the one day, but the two days were really special.”