Worshippers across a 50 year age range gathered at Old Windsor's St Peter's Middle School on Sunday as the Bishop of Reading Right Reverend Andrew Proud officiated at a service that will never be forgotten by those present.

It was a combined baptism and confirmation service for 30 people - with some undergoing both sacraments.

The youngest was three-year-old Andrew Shokralla, son of Old Windsor's vicar Reverend Adel Shokralla.
The oldest was a man in his 50s.

Mr Shokralla said: "It was a really joyful event - a very relaxed service.

"Services like this can be very formal. But holding it in the school brought it nearer to the community. We also welcomed people from the parishes of Windsor, Eton and Cox Green."

Many of the younger people present attend the family services held at the compact St Luke's Church on Sundays. But with so many people attending with their friends and families the venue for the service was switched to the school to accommodate them all. 

Head teacher Andy Snipp was there in person to welcome everybody.

Old Windsor church choir sang and after the ceremony tea and specially made cakes were served with the names of those who had taken part on them.