An innovative scheme offering protection to people devastated by recent flooding is being supported by councillors representing the Royal Borough's worst hit villages.

Flood Re, a not-for-profit initiative set up this year by the Government and the insurance industry, aims to make flood insurance more affordable to those most in need.

Homeowners in Wraysbury, Horton and Datchet who were badly hit two and half years ago are being advised to investigate Flood Re by their ward councillors.

Cllr Colin Rayner, representing Horton and Wraysbury ward on the Royal Borough, said: “Flooding is unpredictable and can have devastating effects.

“But we will always do what we can to help our residents protect themselves and their homes as best they can and the Royal Borough is recommending people find out if they could save money through this project.”

Cllr Jesse Grey, representing Datchet ward, said: “The Flood Re scheme offers a more affordable level of protection to those who live in the most at-risk areas should the worst happen.

“It is a welcome addition to our work to keep them and their homes as safe as possible and I would encourage residents to see whether they could benefit.”

The scheme works by allowing insurance companies to reinsure themselves through Flood Re in the event of significant flooding leading to a large number of claims at once.

By ensuring that firms can cover the cost of pay outs, the savings can be passed on to residents living in the most at-risk areas.

Customers will still deal with insurers directly and the offer does not apply to business properties.

For more information on which providers are signed up to Flood Re see online at: List of insurers - Flood Re Insurers already on board To be eligible customers must be in a property built before 2009 and have a council tax band A to H.