Further details have been revealed about a plan to bring a fast-railway link between Windsor and London – with the company responsible now proposing to transform nearby areas.

Ex-councillor and businessman George Bathurst, managing director of Windsor Railway Link Ltd, has unveiled a new set of ambitious plans this week.

Mr Bathurst announced last week that he was standing down as a Royal Borough Councillor to concentrate on his ongoing Windsor Link Railway plan.

Now he wants to share new ideas which he would like to make a part of that plan.

He had already outlined a plan to open the way for fast trains linking Windsor to Paddington and Windsor to Waterloo, while bringing the Queen Elizabeth (Crossrail) line to Windsor and Ascot.

He hopes to do this by replacing the two existing stations in Windsor with a new one on the site of the existing Goswells Tennis Courts.

The plan involves an underground tunnel and a major car park for 1,600 spaces under Alexandra Gardens.

Mr Bathurst has been in discussion with both Network Rail and the Royal Borough about the scheme but will need to raise £200million in private funding before it can become a reality.

Now Mr Bathurst has gone a stage further, unveiling a detailed list of further ideas – which could bring the final bill as high as £500million.

He envisages transforming the river front in the town, as a result of the new railway-link, turning the area between the existing track at Windsor Riverside Station and Alma Road into a green Parisian style walkway.

He also envisages increasing Alexandra Gardens in size by a third, spreading across Barry Avenue. Both are close to the railway.

He said: “We’re delighted to be presenting these plans to the public. It’s important to remember that they are only ideas for discussion at this stage so we welcome comments and suggestions which will be fed into future workshops as designs are developed in partnership with local people and businesses.”

Mr Bathurst has been tireless in promoting his dreamed of scheme, making endless presentations over the last three years.

But he acknowledges he will ultimately need the full support of Network Rail and his former colleagues on the Royal Borough before he can even begin to seriously start raising money.

He said: “We are raising money as we go along. We are talking about £500million so we won’t raise it in one day.”

A Network Rail spokesperson said, “We are aware of the proposals for the Windsor Link Railway, and we are continuing to liaise with Windsor Link Railway Ltd.”

There is an online presentation available: Explanation of the master plan at https://prezi.com/t4nowetbs2gw/wlr-masterplan.