A "PRIVILEGED" Eton College pupil who shared "appalling" child abuse and bestiality film clips in chatrooms has escaped jail.

Andrew Picard, aged just 17-years-old at the time he was caught distributing graphic child sex images and films on Skype to an undercover policeman, was given a suspended jail sentence for the offences at Oxford Crown Court yesterday.

Before sentencing Judge Peter Ross said that some of the videos - which included abuse of babies and toddlers - were "so appalling, frankly I can't bring myself to talk about it".

Cathy Olliver, prosecuting, said the undercover officer had entered a a "teen" chatroom, for those aged between 13 and 19-years-old, on February 9, 2015, when he was contacted by a user called AP16MUK - standing for Andrew Picard, aged 16, male, from the UK.

Picard messaged the undercover officer asking: "Do you want to see pics of boys and girls your age, nude?"

Boasting of having hundreds of videos, Picard added the officer on Skype and shared indecent images of a boy aged 10 and girls aged eight and 14-years-old.

Asking the undercover officer for proof he was aged 14 as he said and not some "old" man, Picard later shared a video of his own face.

The schoolboy's chatroom account was traced to the prestigious school near Windsor, where the pupil was arrested for sharing explicit material between January to February 2015.

Picard, now aged 18 years, admitted one count of possessing indecent pictures of children, one count of making indecent pictures of children and eight counts of distributing indecent photos or recordings of a child.

Detectives found 1,185 indecent images and videos on his computer and on hard-drives seized from his school dormitory.

They also discovered chat logs from the chatrooms where Picard boasted about the "quality" of his videos and asked users who claimed to be as young as 14 to exchange naked shots of themselves for indecent videos he would provide.

Ms Olliver said it was a feature of Picard's offending that he would send images in return for the user to strip, showing him their "underarm or groin."

She added: "There are aggravating features, the children are very young, in obvious pain and distress, and the number of photographs distributed."

Picard squeezed his eyes shut as Judge Ross described some of the vile Category A material found in his possession, including rape and bestiality.

Sallie Bennett-Jenkins, QC referred to her client's remorse and pointed to the good work he had been doing with doctors in the past year, undergoing constant treatment with numerous doctors and psychiatrists.

She said: "He was able to have this opportunity [to seek help] and this was something Andrew sought for himself, by himself."

Judge Ross said a term of custody would undo the good work he had done in the past year undergoing extensive counselling.

He said: "Why you did it doctors and others have sought to explain - the emotional difficulties you had, issues around your sexuality."

However he blasted all those who deal in child sexual exploitation, saying they were not "victimless crimes".

"All too often in these courts we see the internet and chatrooms providing a degree of assumed detachment in terms of what is said and the material that is viewed.

"Please make no bones about it, these are children, some of them very tiny, and they are being abused and tortured simply to provide sexual gratification, mainly to adult males."

Picard of Probyn House, Page Street, Westminster, London, was handed a 10-month jail sentence, suspended for 18 months.

A mental health treatment requirement was added for the same period, which will continue with his existing providers. He was made subject to a Sexual Harm Prevention Order and was ordered to pay £1,200 in prosecution costs.

The judge added: "It has been said that you and your family have suffered deeply as a result of your arrest and public exposure.

"Your family didn't deserve that but it is a consequence of this sort of offending."