A SPECIALIST survey has rated Thames Hospice as well above average in its sector.

The results of the FAMCARE audit 2015 came from a survey sent to families whose loved ones died at specialist palliative care services in England between June and August 2015.

Debbie Raven, Thames Hospice chief executive, said: “We are delighted with the results of this national, independent survey, and whilst our results are very high we must never be complacent as there are always areas where we can improve."

The survey, conducted by The Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland (APM) measured satisfaction with end-of-life care amongst bereaved relatives.

Family satisfaction in the care of patients with advanced cancer and other life-limiting illnesses is assessed with APM's FAMCARE audit.

Out of the 52 services included in the survey, 27 were hospice inpatient units and Thames Hospice rated above average in the sector.

Families were asked to rate their satisfaction levels in a number of areas, choosing from the following ratings: very satisfied; satisfied; neither satisfied nor dissatisfied; dissatisfied; very dissatisfied or not relevant.

The results came from the 1,355 questionnaires returned to the APM from August to September 2015.

Mrs Raven added: "It is important we continually assess the quality of our services so we can improve and develop them in line with feedback from patients and their loved ones."

Thames Hospice's results were above average in all areas. On the topic of patient's comfort 95% of people asked were very satisfied with Thames Hospice compared to the average of 75.89% in hospice inpatient units.

The survey results also found that 85% of respondents were very satisfied with the availability of the Thames Hospice's palliative care team to the family, 90% were very satisfied with the emotional support provided to family members by the palliative care team, 85% gave the top rating for the practical assistance provided by the palliative care team eg. bathing, respite, home care and 90% also gave in response to how effectively the palliative care team managed the patient’s symptoms.

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