A QUESTION and answer session with the leader of the Royal Borough left some residents feeling ignored last night, while others took the chance to find out his crisp flavour of choice.

Cllr David Burbage took to the social media platform between 6pm and 7pm to answer questions on the hashtag #askRBWM using the council's twitter account.

Some twitter users used the opportunity to quiz Cllr Burbage on the controversial funding of Holyport College using s106 developer funding. 

Out of 11 questions asked in relation to the topic, only two of them were replied to.

The hashtag also included some more lighthearted questions, which Cllr Burbage seemed happy to answer.

Cllr Simon Dudley, deputy leader of the council also couldn't resist joining in on this particular question.

Cllr Burbage saved the most important question for last before ending the question and answer session at 7pm.