A BENEVOLENT team of volunteers who help out people who have drunk too much on a night out have increased their patrols.

The Street Angels, run by the Churches Together in Windsor, patrol the centre of Windsor between 10.30pm and 3am caring for those who have drunk too much by handing out flip flops, water and lollipops and helping people into taxis.

The team have been running for more than a year and have now expanded their patrols for a trial period to include Saturdays as well as Fridays with the first Saturday patrol taking place on Saturday last week (6/4).

Carol McCall, a volunteer in the scheme, said: "It was so much busier than on a Friday though people seemed a lot friendlier.

"We have wanted to do Saturdays for a while, but we didn't have enough people." More than 30 Angels are currently involved in the project and the trial period will determine whether enough volunteer interest can be sustained to keep Saturday patrols running.

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