THE MP for Maidenhead has weighed into the dispute over night flights from Heathrow.

Theresa May MP has joined up with fellow Royal Borough MP Adam Afriyie (Windsor) in raising concerns about a proposal from the Department for Transport (DfT) about more night flights arriving from the west of the airport over Windsor and Maidenhead.

The proposal is outlined in a consultation document published by the DfT which would result in the number of night flights arriving at Heathrow from the west rising from 30% to 60%.

Mrs May said: "I have campaigned against any increase in night flights, so I am concerned about this proposal. This would represent a major shift and would result in an increase in aircraft arriving at night from the west, over the Maidenhead area.

"I am concerned about the effect this will have on local residents, who could not have anticipated this change when they bought their houses."

Earlier in the week, Mr Afriyie said: "It's clear that we must seek a reduction in night flights - so I'm both surprised and concerned at the latest proposals which look to permanently change the direction of night-time flights arriving into Heathrow.

"I would urge everyone to make their voices heard during the public consultation period. We must make those at Heathrow listen to the concerns of the people."

The proposal is one consideration up for discussion in the consultation document.

Comments can be made on the consultation at until April 22.