A RETIRED high-flying banking executive who was found dead in woods shot himself says the coroner.

Huibert Boumeester, 49, was found dead from gunshot wounds in woods near Drift Road, Windsor, on Sunday, June 28 having been missing from his London home for a week.

Police were alerted when dog walkers found an abandoned Range Rover deep in the woods, which remained for several days. On searching the area officers found Mr Boumeester leant against a tree with one of his own shotguns between his legs.

An autopsy by Dr Ashley Fegan-Earl found that he died from a 'close range discharge' of a shotgun, with wounds to his head and neck.

Mr Boumeester had retired from the board of directors for Dutch banking giant ABN Amro in April 2008 but had been considering a return to work, before he began suffering from depression.

Despite his ongoing treatment he could not get over his depression and contemplated suicide several times.

A statement from his psychiatrist Dr Roger Howells said: "He had a moderately severe form of depression and anxiety and admitted thoughts of suicide but was clear that he had no intention of doing so and had made no plans to do it." Mr Boumeester of Belgravia, London, was due for a job interview on June 21 but failed to turn up or call to rearrange, prompting concerns for his safety.

Berkshire coroner Peter Bedford said: "I am satisfied from the evidence that Mr Boumeester did by his own actions deliberately intend to end his own life.

"The verdict I will record is that he took his own life while suffering from depression."