A DEPRESSED man who was experiencing marital problems drowned himself in the River Thames in Windsor an inquest has heard.

John Thompson became depressed after his wife Josephine left the marital home in St Andrews Crescent in April this year.

East Berkshire Coroner Peter Bedford explained how the 54 year old had sought medical help from his GP in the run up to his death after feeling unwell. His visit to the Clarence Medical Centre in Windsor was supported by his estranged wife after she became worried about his health.

Mrs Thompson said: "He had lost weight and looked very down and hadn't shaved which wasn't like him." Despite concerns, when Mr Thompson visited the doctor on April 17 he claimed he had no suicidal thoughts and was put on anti- depressants and told to visit a counsellor.

However on the following day when Mrs Thompson went to his home she found a note detailing her husband's intentions to kill himself.

A police search got under way for the missing man and divers were called in to search the river.

Pc Craig Netwon was one of the team who was involved in the search.

He said: "I was requested to assist in a dive search in the River Thames at the A332 bridge. At 10am I discovered a spanner and a bungee chain. It was soon after I discovered a white male with a car battery and chain attached to his ankle in the river." Toxicology reports showed there were no drugs in Mr Thompson's system at the time of his death and a post mortem revealed he had drowned.

Mr Bedford said: "From the evidence I have seen I am satisfied that Mr Thompson took his own life whilst suffering from depression." A verdict of suicide was recorded.