Every Lego-loving kid wants to step inside the world of their Lego movie heroes. A visit to Legoland Windsor gets you pretty close to living the dream. But now Legoland have upped the ante: Emmet and Wyldstyle popping out of the screen in an electrifying 4D extravaganza!

While we settled into our seats at Legoland’s Imagination Theatre, popcorn in hand, The Lego Movie’s characters’ own visit to a (far inferior) theme park played out in front of our bespeckled eyes.

“I’m doing a simulated version of a thing that I love, and I’m loving it!” cries Benny as he soars through the sky on his specially-themed rocket ride. (Which was basically what my kids said on every ride at Legoland for the rest of the day.) All of the characters (and most of the original voices, if not the big two – Chris Pratt and Will Ferrell) reunite for the 12-minute short The Lego Movie 4D: A New Adventure. It’s short and sweet, but should go some way to satisfying the appetites of the franchise’s biggest fans who have to wait until 2018 for the second feature film.

I’m not always too convinced by 3D or 4D movie experiences, but the clever use of light and smoke really made us feel like we were part of the adventure. My kids (both the three little ones and the large husband-shaped one) all jumped out of their skin during rollercoaster chase scenes or as baddies attacked with laser guns or when the delightful little pink Unikitty turned up the crazy and terrified everyone (even before she had fallen prey to Risky Business’ “evil secret plot”).

A quick visit to the theatre reenergised the kids, and we set off to explore the park – now in it’s 20th year – with renewed vigour.

First stop was another new addition to Legoland – the 500,000 brick recreation of Darth Vader’s Death Star. At 2.4 metres wide, 3 metres high the enormous centrepiece of the Lego Star Wars display is depicted engaging in an attack which is triggered when you get close. The kids were thrilled (particularly the biggest one!).

Half expecting a crazed Unikitty or terrifying warship to greet us around every corner, our fearless kids then took over and steered us through the resort for the rest of our day out. A cold, gloomy day for the rest of the country, but an awesome and happily exhausting adventure for those of us lucky enough to be at Legoland.

Legoland is now open. Visit www.legoland.co.uk for more details.