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SSE Slough Multifuel Ltd

Slough, Planning Notice

Notice ID: WOR2373062

Notice effective from
1st April 2022 to 1st May 2022

Slough Multifuel
The Slough Multifuel Extension Project

The Planning Act 2008 - Section 47(6)(a) 'Notice publicising the statement of community consultation'
Notice is hereby given that SSE Slough Multifuel Limited (the 'Applicant'), intends to submit an application to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy for development consent under Section 37 'Applications for orders granting development consent' of The Planning Act 2008 (the 'PA 2008'), to authorise the works to increase the efficiency and electrical output of the consented Slough Multifuel Facility generating station from its permitted capacity of up to 50 megawatts (MW), originally consented on 2nd June 2017 under the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 ('the Consented Development'), to up to 60MW electrical output, known as the 'Slough Multifuel Extension Project' or the 'Project'. The Project is located on land either side of Edinburgh Avenue, Slough Trading Estate, Slough, SL1 4TU.

As the Project would increase the capacity of the Slough Multifuel Facility generating station to more than 50MW, it requires development consent (granted in the form of a Development Consent Order (a 'DCO')) pursuant to Sections 31,14(1)(a) and 15 of the PA 2008.

The Project includes different and additional technology within the buildings being constructed for the Consented Development that can achieve a higher electrical output from the same fuel throughput, along with some limited external works (an external above ground pipe run on a consented pipe rack alongside other consented pipes). The Project also involves the mechanical modification of the Consented Development and provision of additional systems including:
* heat exchanger bundles (internal to the existing Consented Development building envelope);

* external and internal above ground pipework and valves;

* pipe supports (external and internal);

* thermal insulation (external and internal works);

* instrumentation (internal to the existing Consented Development building envelope);

* cabling and containment (internal); and

* mechanical modifications to the steam turbine inlet control system (internal works).

The Applicant has a duty to consult the local community about the Project under Section 47 of the PA 2008. Section 47(1) requires an applicant for development consent to prepare a statement (a 'Statement of Community Consultation' or 'SoCC') setting out how they propose to consult people living within the vicinity of the land to which their proposals relate. Section 47(7) requires the applicant to carry out the consultation in accordance with the proposals set out within the SoCC.

The Project is an Environmental Impact Assessment ('EIA') development for the purposes of 'The Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017'. The Applicant is therefore required to carry out an EIA of the Project and to submit an Environmental Statement with the DCO application, assessing the likely significant effects arising from the Project on the environment. Environmental information that the Applicant currently has will be made available during the consultation on Project in the form of a Preliminary Environmental Information ('PEI') Report. There will be an opportunity to view and comment upon the PEI Report during the consultation, and details of this are included in the SoCC.

Section 47(6) requires an applicant for development consent to make the SoCC available for inspection by the public in a way that is reasonably convenient for people living in the vicinity of the land to which the project relates. In accordance with Section 47(6) this notice confirms below when and how a copy of the SoCC, that has been prepared by the Applicant, can be inspected.

The SoCC may be inspected free of charge from 1 April 2022 on the Project Website:

If you are unable to access the Project Website, please email:

or telephone: 020 7489 4830 to request a copy of the SoCC. Any details you provide to us via email or telephone will be subject to our Privacy Notice:

. You will be offered a hard copy of the SoCC or a USB stick containing the SoCC, which will be supplied and posted to you free of charge.
Should you have any questions about the SoCC, the consultation or the Project please visit the Project Website or contact the Applicant using the above details.

SSE Slough Multifuel Limited 1 April 2022


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