MICK WOODHAM hopes to build some trust with his rising stars at Windsor after blooding them into first team duties this season.

Woodham has included a number of the club’s under-18 players and members of the Cox Green Academy in his senior squads throughout the campaign.

The likes of Ramel Sutherland, Andrew Ingram, Taufee Skandari, Bradley Pearce, Gus Bowles, Nadir Shafi, Bradley Birchmore and Keaton August have been given their opportunities to impress and not looked back.

The octet all featured in the 2-1 win at Walton & Hersham two weeks ago – Windsor are the only side to win their in the Combined Counties Premier Division this season – and the Windsor boss hopes to use them a lot more next year.

Woodham told the Observer: “Our judgement is sound. I don’t think we’ve put one teenager in that has let us down.

“They have to be patient, they all want to play, but we’ve got a very good bunch all the way through, the under-18s and the academy.

“The boys are holding their own and it’s almost a shame because, with another month of the season, we might have seen a bit more of Keaton, and may have seen a bit more of Taufee, Nadir and Denzel, and that’s a good front line.

“Without Keiran Knight on Saturday and Barry Dunbar off injured, Gus Bowles backed them up and I thought we looked very good.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Andrew Ingram, far right, is one of a number of young players to have stared at Windsor this season.

“But, they have to deliver in their own age group first. Once they play well for the Academy and under-18s, then the pathway to the first team is open. They need to deliver first and we need to get some trust into them, and it works both ways.

“I can trust those boys (the octet) particularly after the performance at Walton & Hersham on Easter Monday.

“We know what we’ve got and what we can trust, and we will use a lot more of them, but they have got to earn it.”

Commenting on the club’s senior stars, Woodham said: “Keiran is nailed down and I expect Riccardo Cannon to stay, but at the end of the day it’s not really relevant. If they want to move on they move on.

“The club is bigger than any individual and we’re through the disappointments of old. If people want to go and play their football elsewhere well so be it, we really are not fussed."

Reviewing the season, Woodham said: “We've had a topsy-turvy season. We've dropped points against the bottom four, 16 against them. If we could have taken 10 points off them it changes our league position and gives us a bit more momentum.

“Just when we thought we would get a bit more momentum we trip ourselves up.

“February was a set back and I didn't know where we were going to get any points from.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Taufee Skandari is a rising star at Windsor.

“When we are at it, settled and on our game, we're very difficult to beat but we need to get key players on the pitch.

"Ashley Smith, Keiran and Riccardo are immense to us on a consistent basis and the win at Walton & Hersham proved that.

“They're a tough side to play against but, the momentum and confidence we got from that, we carried into Saturday and found a way to win over 90 minutes.

“With seven teenagers you can't ask for much more."

He continued: “We've finished with more points but albeit probably in a lower league position, but we can't really control that.

“We know what is going on behind the scenes, there's something going on that we are looking forward to which feels us all with optimism.

“On the back of Keiran, Ashley and Riccardo, we've got a lot to look forward to and we will deliver and to be fair to Ashley and myself, we have delivered.

“We've delivered in the youth and the partnership has worked wonders. You could see it out there on Saturday.

"There's plenty of scope and some of them are going to be another year older now so they will feature and we're happy enough."