WINDSOR sensation Hugo Sobte has reached the Nike Academy Most Wanted Global Final after impressing coaches at the UK leg in Barnet on Sunday.

Sobte, 17, and fellow Windsor stars Denzel Bonilla-Hurtado and Nadir Shafi were put through their paces before three players were selected for the final.

The keeper first caught the eye of Nike coach, Dan Holloway, in a pre-season friendly against Birmingham City back in August and, having saved a penalty in the UK leg, is now recognised among 30 of the best young talents from across the globe.

“Everything I did pulled off and I saved a penalty during the match which was a big bonus,” Sobte told the Observer. “I thought I did well and it was a very good day, but quite surreal.

“It was hard for them to drill specifics into all of us so we had a general session and had to show what we were good at, but I always believe that I can do well and believe in what I’m good at.”

Sobte will now receive training tailored towards goalkeepers, which includes one session at the Manchester City academy, before the Global Final at the St George’s Park National Football Centre for Excellence from November 25-28.

Sobte has also highlighted the role both Windsor and Cox Green Sports Academy has played in his development and success as a player.

“I gained my self-belief from the Academy and Windsor, and getting match practise at the same time. You gain confidence through getting time on the pitch and that’s down to the people putting their trust in me.

“I am encouraged to play my natural game and don’t need to prove anything to anyone. No matter how I play it’s a confidence boost and a learning experience, even if I make a mistake.

“It’s fantastic for there to be three UK finalists from Windsor FC.”

His father, Sanj Sobte, added: “The profile of the club has been raised by the Academy, and what has helped the progression in Hugo’s quality is down to them. Mick Woodham and Ashley Smith have helped excel his progress and it’s important to highlight that.

“Hugo was excellent on Sunday an I’m delighted and very proud. He’s more confident in what he does and has become physically stronger, and his teammates trust him, and that has helped.”