HUGGY SANDHU believes that Singh Sabha called upon all their experience of penalty shoot-outs to win the Roy Lester Memorial Senior Trophy final.

Singh Sabha beat Bentons 5-4 on penalties, following a 2-2 draw after extra time at Holloways Park. Harprit Purewal and Numaan Khan bagged the goals for the victors.

Sandhu has admitted penalties can be pot luck, but he explained that he was always confident his side would come out on top.

“We’ve done it many times so it was nothing,” the Singh Sabha boss told the Observer. “We’ve played at Celtic Park and won the UK Asian Championships so it was run of the mill thing for us, a normal game.

“We were quite confident as we beat Bentons 6-3 in the league a few weeks earlier, despite being 3-1 down. We are quite a confident and young side anyway and I always thought we had a chance.”

Sandhu added: “It was a good game, not easy because Bentons are quite physical, but we’ve got a young side and our energy came through in the end.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: The Singh Sabha players show their emotions during the penalty shoot-out.

“We didn’t play that well and could have done a lot better. We let Bentons dictate the game but we covered them defensively.

“We let in a goal in with eight minutes to go when we should have held out but, fair play to them, they got the goal to take it into extra time.

“Penalties is penalties, it’s pot luck, but we’ve been in a lot of shoot-outs recently so have had a lot of practice and were quietly confident.”

Sandhu now hopes his team can carry their momentum into next season after a slow start to this campaign cost them any chance of winning the Premier Division.

He said: “We started slowly in the league. If we had started like we’ve finished then we would have been decent and had a chance of winning it.

“It has been a decent season and we’re quite happy. It could have been better in the league but in the beginning we were a little half-hearted. The league is tough but we will try to win something again next season.”

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