WINDSOR resident Matilda Horn has coxed the Great Britain eight crew to finish in fifth position at the 2017 World Rowing Championships in Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida.

The crew sat in third place at the halfway stage before finishing in 6:09.96 and just under a length behind Romania, Canada and New Zealand who claimed the medals.

In the B finals, there was a win for the men’s eight after Cameron Buchan came in as a late replacement for the unwell Ollie Cook, from Windsor.

Maidenhead resident Jack Beaumont has won a silver medal in the quadruple sculls with Jonny Walton, John Collins and Graeme Thomas.

A late change in the quad crew meant a delayed start and Thomas stroking the boat as a late medical substitution for the injured Pete Lambert.

Thomas, who missed out on racing in the quad at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games due to illness, rowed superbly along with Collins, Walton and Beaumont to clinch a silver medal.

Thomas said: “I know exactly what it is like to sit on the sidelines and watch the boys race and seeing Pete just brought back those memories, it’s brutal for him.

“The guys were incredible and did a fantastic job. If they had not have kept their cool it would not have mattered what I had done.”

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