MARK Alexander’s confidence paid off as his prediction of stopping Danny Walker in the Blackbeard Fight Series came true in the third round, writes Ryan Gibbs.

The Slough ace started his fight at the Blackbeard event with his hands quite low.

He may have slightly underestimated Walker when he received a right hook from his opponent, which tested Alexander’s balance, but could not knock him down.

And he told the Observer: “My legs completely went, but because I landed a few heavy jabs he hesitated to come at me.

“I fancied a little dance and I did think about going down but I thought no, I’ve got too many fans here.

“If he hit me again I would have gone.”

Alexander adapted well, and after finding his feet he put the pressure back on Walker and forced the referee to stop the fight in the third round.

He said: “He was looking for a way out, he couldn’t handle the shots to the ribs, he would have lasted the five rounds if I kept hitting his gloves so I hit him downstairs and he didn’t like that.

“I’m over the moon and stopping him in the third round was great, I wanted the stoppage in the second round but the referee got me off him, it caps off a lot of training and it means everything to me.

Nomaan Khalid was my biggest inspiration, he’s one of the best guys I’ve met, he works you hard and demands respect.

“I want to thank my beautiful wife, my family and friends and of course Blackbeard Fight Series.”

The Blackbeard Heavyweight champion hasn’t decided what the future holds for him.

He added: “I will speak to Nomaan as I have my own business which requires my time and so does the training.

“I may have one more, we will see.”

When asked who he would most like to fight, the champ said: “Jimmy Krankie, he’s nice and small.”

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