MIXED Martial Arts fans were treated to an exciting 12-bout card at Magnet Leisure Centre in Maidenhead on Saturday, writes Ryan Gibbs.

The first bout of the evening included the youngest competitors Kasif Shahzad and Imran Fazil, who kicked off the evening in ferocious style. Shahzad won by unanimous decision after showing the better fitness from the two and slowly wore his opponent down.

The next fight livened the atmosphere with local fighter Ihsan Khan winning by unanimous decision. The Slough face-off started tentatively as both fighters tried to figure out each other’s reach, the pair sharing many exchanges mostly compiled of hooks.

Magdy’s movement kept the fight at a distance, but Khan managed to land the more significant strikes overall as his opponent seemed to fatigue.

Fight three was not as close as Slough fighter Dominik Jankowski dominated his opponent Eiraj Ali and showed far superior boxing skills. The difference in technique was clear and Jankowski picked off his opponent with several stiff jabs and strong straights to win by another unanimous decision.

Royal Borough Observer:

PHOTO: Slough-based Dominik Jankowski has his armed raised in victory at the Magnet Leisure Centre.

The two following fights both finished with TKO’s in the second round. Rehan Hussain and Muhammed Wajid Khan both dominated their opponent and Khan had a large vocal following behind him, motivating him to finish John Sutton off after knocking him down in the first round.

Experienced boxer Sultan Ahmed battled to victory against Mohammed Jameel.

The fighter from Slough dominated the encounter, but was kept at a distance by Jameel, who managed to squeeze a few shots through Ahmed’s guard. Jameel’s heart saw him take the fight the distance with the crowd behind him, but he could not match Ahmed’s superior boxing technique.

Several fighters from Slough performed extremely well on the night with a win from Khalil Khalid which saw the crowd go wild in celebration after the fighter from K’s Gym won by unanimous decision.

Asad Munir made his debut and his confidence increased drastically during the rounds against Fynn Judd, an experienced fighter.

The evening was concluded in spectacular fashion as Mark Alexander stuck to his word and forced the referee, Sam Amidi to stop the fight, after a bombardment of body shots were unleashed on opponent Danny Walker.