The rejuvenation of Maidenhead's iconic waterways took a big step forward when the new footbridge over York Stream opened next to the Library.

The project to transform the waterway in the town centre into a space for everyone to enjoy is now entering its next stage, returning the flow to York Stream and constructing a weir to lift water levels and fill the newly enlarged channels.

Cllr David Evans, cabinet member for Maidenhead regeneration said: "This is an important part of this project which will transform our town once completed.

"The new waterways will provide a stunning backdrop for residents to go walking, running, cycling, boating or simply enjoy the stream.

“The successfully completed Maidenhead Waterways project will revitalise the town centre and reaffirm Maidenhead’s reputation as the jewel of the Thames."

The new footbridge leads to the amphitheatre by Maidenhead Library connecting to a series of resurfaced footpaths.

Richard Davenport, chairman of the Waterways Group, said: “Maidenhead Waterways is delighted to see the new footbridge finally in place over the waterway and the adjoining footpaths resurfaced and reopened through to the Chapel Arches development and High Street.

“The new bridge will have the headroom needed for navigation after the water level is lifted by the downstream weir, which is due to be added next year.

“The cross-cross style nicely echoes the roof truss design of the listed library.”