AN AREA of Slough will not be absorbed into the Royal Borough as part of a boundary reshuffle, the Boundary Commission has confirmed.

The Boundary Commission had originally proposed that the Chalvey neighbourhood be transferred into the Royal Borough area as part of their drive to cut down on the number of constituencies in the South East, cutting them from 83 to 81.

Chalvey, its 5,000 residents, would have been drawn across the border to ensure the Royal Borough met its electoral quota.

However, in the most recent update to their proposed constituencies, Chalvey remains firmly within the borders of the Slough borough.

The leader of Slough Borough Council, Sohail Munawar, welcomed the decision, writing on Twitter: "Absolutely delighted the boundary commission has taken note of our submission and kept Chalvey in the Slough constituency."

The proposals will remain open for comment until December 11. They can be viewed at