REPRESENTATIVES from across the political spectrum delivered poignant tributes this morning to an MP killed while doing her job.

A vigil in memory of Jo Cox, MP for Batley and Spen in Yorkshire, was held at 11am outside Maidenhead Town Hall.

Mrs Cox was killed on Thursday after being shot and stabbed repeatedly in the street outside her constituency surgery.

Theresa May, Maidenhead MP and the country's home secretary gave the first tribute saying that all politicians should use her death to inspire them to do their best to improve the lives of others.

Royal Borough council leader Simon Dudley then also spoke, followed by Liberal Democrat Cllr Simon Werner and the Labour party's Graham Lee.

Cllr Dudley said: "I never met her but clearly she was an inspirational character. For me this is so upsetting not just to see the loss of a mother to her two children but it was really an attack on all of us and our democracy.

"I think by us coming together today irrespective of our political parties or our views on anything else it shows that we are stronger than this."

Flowers were laid beside photos of Mrs Cox and a minute's silence was observed by the crowd gathered to pay tribute.

Cllr Werner said: "She was the best kind of politician, the best of us.

"She was always fighting for the people she represented."

Campaigning for each side of the referendum was halted in Maidenhead on Saturday and representatives from both sides shook hands showing emotion following the vigil.