COLOURFUL Windsor went 'Green and Black' last Friday when the famous chocolate company came to town.

As part of the Green & Black company's nationwide Taste and Colour Tour, its 'Coco' van parked outside Windsor's Royal Shopping arcade off Thames Street.

Windsor is one of eight places that have been or will be visited by the van - all of which have a strong 'foodie' reputation or connection.

In the case of Windsor the connection is a pudding known as the Poor Knights of Windsor.

Green and Black's taste specialist Brandt Maybury developed the pudding from a traditional recipe originally created for the 'poor knights', who had fallen into financial adversity when fighting for Edward III in the 14th century and had to ransom themselves out of capture.

They were allowed to live at the castle and perform parade duties. The pudding was designed to resemble their tailcoats - with its cherries and port sauce reflecting their colours.

Mr Maybury said: "The recipe is made with slices of chocolate French toast rolled in Green & Black's organic dark. Now it's up to the people of Windsor to come and try it."

Shoppers grabbed the opportunity on Friday.

The visit was particularly opportune, coming three days before the traditional Garter Ceremony at the castle - which also dates back to the time of Edward III who founded the Knights of the Garter.