HOPES are high for a 'life-changing' halfway house to be set up in Maidenhead to give homeless people a fresh start in life.

The Royal Borough has met with representatives of The Brett Foundation to hear proposals for setting up a base where people who are living on the street can stay while they get back on their feet.

Sue Brett, founder of the charity, is feeling optimistic after more than seven years of campaigning. She said: "If we had somewhere, it would be life changing for the people who use it, in some cases it can even save lives. It means we can work with them one on one and we can get them off the streets.

"The council are going to have a look at various things to see if they have anything available.

"They never said yes we have property but they certainly indicated that they think there could be something they can do."

The Brett Foundation currently looks after 33 people regularly and Mrs Brett says that there are others who currently don't want help.

She added: "We will be here if they decide they want our help. There are also a lot of homeless people who are sofa surfers. There are around 80 of them that I know about who may need us soon."

Mrs Brett is keen to ensure people are aware that there are a significant number of homeless people in the borough who need help.

She said: "We do get the impression that there are no homeless people here, it's the Royal Borough, you wouldn't necessarily expect it, but we do have homelessness.

"Every other town around us is facing it and so are we. We are not that unique.

"I think it's absolutely fantastic that for the first time, certainly since I have doing this, that the Royal Borough is saying yes we will try and find somewhere for the homeless.

"We have everything in place we just need a venue. We could start tomorrow if we had somewhere to go."

Council leader Cllr Simon Dudley pledged to support the charity in finding a halfway house in a Twitter video and set up the meeting.

He said: "I am very clear, we cannot be building flats, houses and developments and have people homeless on the streets of the Royal Borough.

"We cannot be doing that and have people unable to rent a house or get on the property ladder."

The Brett Foundation is always looking for volunteers to help in a number of ways. For more information go to www.thebrettfoundation.org.uk