Dedicated volunteers helped raise £300 on Saturday to bring fun and entertainment to the elderly regulars at the Spencer Denney Centre.

The centre's chief officer Rachel Harvey praised the volunteers who made it all possible as visitors enjoyed cakes, crafts and refreshments at the Dedworth based venue in Park Corner.

The main aim of the fair was to raise money to provide entertainment for regulars.

Mrs Harvey said: "Many of our regulars love pantomime and listening to choirs. But they may find it hard now to go to a theatre or even a church.

"We like to give them a chance while they are here to enjoy the things they used to do, without worrying about medication problems, loud noises or large groups. Entertainers such as magicians who come here can interact with our regulars and help them have a wonderful time."

The Spencer Denney centre is open from Tuesday to Friday between 9.30am and 2.30pm.

All are welcome but you need to let Mrs Harvey know if they are coming. She can be reached on 01753 860685.