A record 700 people took part in this year's Windsor Lions cross country horse ride at the weekend.

The two day event offers riders a choice of three nine mile course, between them suitable for a wide range of skills. Riders raise money for their chosen charity through sponsorship.

Some riders were novices, some advanced and some non-jumpers.

Jumpers could take on 30 fences of varying heights if they choose but could avoid those they do not want to tackle and ride at their own pace - the organisers always emphasise it is not a race.

The event has been running for four decades.

Entry secretary Windsor Lion John Jenkins said: "We had record entries, from all over Southern England, Wales, the Isle of Wight - one from the Isle of Man.

"The feedback has been amazing and we are already taking bookings for next year.

"We had a storm late on Saturday afternoon which got everyone a bit soggy but it did not seem to matter."

The fences and water jumps were new this year to add to the challenge.

Mr Jenkins said: "There were a couple of falls but only a few bumps and bruises."

He estimated that as much as £30,000 was raised altogether by riders for their different charities.

Riding for the Disabled, Cancer UK and SportsAble will have benefitted most.

Mr Jenkins said the Lions wanted to thank the Windsor Great Park authorities who allow the event to take place and the Shanly Foundation which sponsors it.