An 80-year-old grandmother and her best friend's 17-year-old son had their plans to do a fund raising parachute jump together frustrated by a hail storm on Sunday.

Fiona Try, of St Leonard's Hill, Windsor had planned to do the jump with fellow Inner Wheel member Jan Carling, 70, to raise money for Beat, the eating disorder charity.

After her friend's sudden death in July she asked Mrs Carling's 17-year-old grandson Ben to do the jump with her instead.

Mrs Try and Ben made their first attempt to do the jump on Sunday at an army airfield in Salisbury.

She said: "Some people had already jumped and we were due to go next. Then it started to hail so we weren't allowed to follow.

"It was disappointing but we were not deterred - we have a new date on October 1 and are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather holds up so we can jump then."