The Generation Gap is no problem for Windsor artist Billie Krstovic and her family.

Their differences are all artistic and will form the basis of a unique exhibition being staged as part of Windsor Fringe Festival.

Logically enough it is called called Three Generations of One Family Exhibiting Together.

It can be seen at the Busy Buttons Creative Studio at Windsor Yards (formerly King Edward Court) shopping centre on Saturday, September 23.

Miss Krstovic, who lives off Clewer Hill Road, Windsor will be exhibiting her spiritually inspired paintings of angels, spirits and nature. Her mother-in-law Eileen Thomas loves beautiful buildings and will be displaying her water colours of castles and historic homes she has visited over the years in Britain, France and Spain.

While daughter Tara Thomas-Krstovic, 10, will be revealing her burgeoning talent with textiles.

Tara amazed her mum and dad at an early age.

Miss Krstovic said: "When we went to the shops when she was very young she would look at patterns and fabrics. At a very early age she could match patterns and went together. Then she started cutting things out and now she has sewn her own dress."

As soon as the dress has been exhibited at Busy Buttons Tara plans to proudly wear it. A wide variety of her other work will also be on view.

As well as being part of the 'three generations' exhibition running from 7pm to 9pm - Miss Krstovic is hosting a Family Workshop earlier in the day from 10.30am to 2.30pm.

Visiting families will be given cards and pens and shown how to create something to keep forever.

She will not give too much away but says: "I will be asking people to remember they particularly love about members of their family and use it to create something to keep forever."

Miss Krstovic, who is head of social sciences at Windsor Girls School, hopes that local businesses or individuals will come forward to donate white and multi-coloured A3 card and pens for use in the sessions, as well as acrylic paint.

She can be reached on 07947 797590.

The Fringe Festival box office number is 01753 743570.