WAM Get Involved and the Royal Borough are hosting the 2017 Voluntary Sector Awards Ceremony at Maidenhead Town Hall on Wednesday, September 20.

It all starts off at 11.30am in the presence of the mayor Cllr John Lenton.

Winners’ trophies will be awarded for Volunteer of the Year, Young Volunteer of the Year, Team of the Year and Charity/Community Group of the Year, which will also receive a £500 cheque.

Volunteers nominated by local charities, community groups and Royal Borough projects have been invited to the ceremony which will be followed by a buffet lunch.

This year’s guest speaker will be Alison Alexander, Managing Director of the Royal Borough.

Ramesh Kukar, Chief Officer of WAM Get Involved, said “We are so lucky in the Royal Borough, around 5000 people volunteer every week - which equates to around £15.8m of services a year to help the community.”

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The Shanly Foundation and E Sargeant & Son have sponsored this year's awards ceremony.