A YOUNG archaeologist has uncovered a Victorian-era well in his back garden.

Ewan Montgomery, 16, a pupil at Upton Court Grammar, found the well while helping his father dig up a tree stump in his back garden.

At first, they found a metal pipe in the back garden of their house in Hempton Road, Slough. His dad, Stuart, said: “When we first uncovered the metal, I wondered if it was a world war bomb. My son kept digging, to find out where it lead – he’s really into this sort of thing.”

Ewan said: “I really like archaeology – I’m definitely going to be studying history for my A-Levels.”

Stuart Montgomery said he had hoped the well might still be functional, but upon removing the brick cap, found it had run dry long ago.

He said that he would re-bury it “for posterity” but was considering leaving a time capsule behind, for the young archaeologists of the future.