Travellers have left the field on Whiteley, Dedworth, three days after they encamped there on Monday night. 

Neighbours expressed their disapproval in the encampment, which included a noisy generator. 

One neighbour said: “We have had cars driving up and down all night on the grass with headlamps on and children riding around on quad bikes. We are concerned about the grass which is already being churned up.”

A number of officials from the Royal Borough arrived on site to talk to the travellers during the week.

Cllr Carwyn Cox, cabinet member for Environmental Services, said: “We are aware of the unlawful encampment on land off Whiteley and council officers have carried out mandatory welfare checks. We are taking necessary further action and will ensure the land is returned to its original condition as soon as possible.”

The travellers left the park late on Thursday, after a notice to vacate was served on them.