A mum whose son has suffered a horrifying illness since being bitten by a tick in Windsor Great Park says she is thrilled that a warning sign has now been put up by the Crown Estate to make people more aware.

The Observer reported last week how Luke Gilbert's health deteriorated after he was bitten by a tick while playing with friends in the Deer Park on the Crown Estate.

Luke, 13, developed the little known Lyme Disease and is now undergoing treatment from a tick-borne disease specialist in Washington.

It is four years since he was bitten but he lost a year's schooling and suffered crippling pain before the disease was diagnosed.

His mum Samantha Ash and brother Harry, 15, abseiled down the Orbit at Olympic Park recently to raise funds for his treatment.

Ms Ash wants to see greater awareness of the need to seek immediate attention if a tick bite leads to a tell tale 'target' like mark that preempts the development of Lyme Disease.

This week she said: "Having informed The Crown Estate more than two years ago that Luke contracted Lyme in the deer park, I was absolutely thrilled this morning to see they've now put up Lyme and tick-awareness posters - let's hope it stops this happening to any other families."

One of the posters is at the Bears Rails scout camp site at Old Windsor visited by hundreds of scouts every year.

A spokesperson for Windsor Great Park said: “We use signs around the park to keep our visitors informed and help them to enjoy the park safely.

"The tick information signs went up to coincide with the time at which they are most active, which is from late spring to early autumn and are in line with signs being displayed this year in many other parks and open spaces.”