Gifted teenager Dean Leavy, 17, has won the won the Magic Circle's prestigious Young Magician of the Year competition.

He scooped the coveted award on Sunday after performing his act in front of a team of veteran magic makers at the Circle's legendary Euston headquarters.

He was a finalist in the competition two years ago but this year he was determined to win.

So what swung it for him?

He said: "The judges said it was because I showed meticulous attention to detail. It was carefully themed and choreographed, silent - all done to music."

Dean tore a newspaper to shreds, reassembled it miraculously, made billiard balls appear from nowhere and levitated a table.

He said: "In 14 days leading up to it I went through my act 40 times, three times a day. It really paid off and it was all faultless."

Watching with their hearts in their mouths were mum and dad Sarah and Jerry Leavy and Dean's 21-year-old brother Jamie.

Said Mrs Leavy: "We were all so nervous. The only person who was not nervous was Dean."

Dean's family support him all the way. They are used to him taking over the living room to practise and his parents have accompanied him all over the country, as he performed at venues large and small.

He has already appeared in the West End alongside one of his Magic Circle mentos Oliver Tabor.

Dean is due to be seen on BBC 1's One Show on Friday, where he will be seen teaching a trick to comedian Rhod Gilbert.

He will represent England in an international competition being held in Amsterdam next month.

As Young Magician of the Year he will become a fully fledged member of the Magic Circle when he reaches 18. Before that he will join a week long master class at the Jeff McBride Mystery School in Las Vegas.

And it all started when his parents bought him a magic set for Christmas when he was eight.

Dean is a pupil at The Windsor Boys School and is studying for his A levels.

He said: "Education is important I have had nothing but encouragement and support for my magic at school."