BEAR Grylls has slammed one of the borough's most prestigious schools for 'not preparing him for life'.

The television star and adventurer extraordinaire revealed last week he wished Eton College had taught him the necessary skills he has had to learn by making mistakes.

During a speech at the Global Education and Skills Forum in Dubai he told guests how the school, famed for teaching the likes of Prices Harry and William as well as Boris Johnson, was too oriented towards academic success.

He said: "I wish they had taught me how to keep fit, how to eat healthy food, how to lead a team, how to communicate with people. I wouldn't have minded even a bit of entrepreneurial stuff, or citizenship, all this sort of stuff, a bit of tax, a bit of legal.

“I think school celebrates the good-looking guy, or the sporty guy, or the academic guy. Life doesn't care. It does not care. And when I was at school there were people who were brilliant who were often disasters in life because they missed the one thing that really matters in life, which is called the fight."

The public school prides itself on a strong focus on citizenship with boys in its sixth form can enter a volunteering programme as an alternative to combined cadet force.

Mr Grylls went on to detail his struggles with academic subjects and expressed his desire for his children's schools to be the place to teach them skills that matter in life.

He also told The Times: "The great people I know at life often struggled at school because it was the struggle that developed the strength. And my message is to kids who are shy, and not very confident at school is: go for it.”

The television personality attended Ludgrove School in Wokingham before moving to Eton College in the late 1980s.

He helped found the Eton's mountaineering club.

The Observer has approached Eton College for a response.