A NIGHTCLUB has confirmed it is investigating an allegation of discrimination over its door policy, after a woman's son was twice refused entry from events he had tickets for.

A spokesperson for Atik nightclub in Windsor said the matter, raised by mother Donna Heslop, was 'being taken seriously' and a probe was underway following alleged incidents in late February and earlier this month. The spokesperson also said it was talking to Mrs Heslop.

Mrs Heslop, who works as an inclusion manager at Cranbury College, Reading, claims that her 20-year-old son was first refused entry to an event on Friday, February 24 when he was part of a group of 15 males at the club in William Street.

She claims door staff said there were 'too many of them'.

She said: "The group dynamic was mainly of young, black or mixed race ethnicity. My son has no previous at this nightclub, or any other venue within the country.

"They were refused entry to a club because there were too many of them, yet the club sold the tickets.

"They were refused entry, even though you they followed the rules.

"I feel this needs to be raised as an issue.

"I don't expect my child in the year of 2017 to be left to feel that he isn't good enough to access a place where others are accepted."

According to Ms Heslop the same thing happened to her son again the following week, this time as part of a much smaller group.

She said: "The following week, my son had purchased a set of four tickets for a night on the Friday 3rd March 2017. On arrival again they were told no entry by the security, no reason given."

A spokesperson vehemently denied any discrimination - but later confirmed to The Observer that an investigation was underway.

She said: "We have to adhere to stringent licensing conditions and as a result we have to use our judgement on who we let in and who we turn away, every night that we are open.

"We take this allegation very seriously, but would like to stress that we never make judgement calls based on race, sex, religion or sexual orientation.

"Apart from being illegal, it is against our values as a business and the wonderful mix of people from all backgrounds we are proud to call our colleagues."