Prime Minister Theresa May visited the Maidenhead delivery office to thank the postmen and women who served her community over the Christmas period.

Mrs May was shown around the delivery office by Delivery Office Manager, Andy Roeton, and was introduced to the postmen and women who would be delivering her Christmas cards.

She thanked the staff for their dedication and described their work as vital.

She said: "It was a great pleasure to see the postmen and women of Maidenhead Delivery working so hard to deliver for Christmas this year. Their hard work and dedication, alongside that of so many other workers and carers who work over Christmas, is a vital part of ensuring we can all enjoy the festive period. I want to thank them for the extraordinary lengths they go to ensure Christmas cards and presents are delivered to loved ones on time, and for all they do year-round."

Mr Roeton described meeting the PM as a pleasure and said he was proud of his fellow postal workers.

He said: “It was a pleasure to show Theresa May our Christmas operation and to hear her kind words of encouragement and support. We are extremely proud of our postmen and women for all their hard work during the Festive Season and for continuing our proud history of delivering Christmas mail.”