The 21st anniversary of an event that transformed a village was commemorated this week as five original members of Colnbrook with Poyle Parish Council reunited round a celebration cake.

The celebration followed Tuesday's parish council meeting in the Village Hall.

The cake had pictures of all 12 original members round it, the first to be elected after the authority was set up in 1995.

Five of them - councillors Dexter Smith, Peter Hood, Ray Angell, David MacDougald and Tom Milton - attended Tuesday's celebration The first three are still councillors - Cllr Hood is chairman and Cllr Angell vice-chairman of the authority.

The new Parish Council suffered a hiccup back in 1995, when confusion over two similar names led to the wrong person being declared elected at the first count when two piles of votes got muddled up. The result was queried and the mistake soon discovered.

Cllr Hood said: "It was rather embarrassing. But complications were avoided when the person who had been wrongly declared the winner agreed to stand down."

He said the council had achieved a lot in two decades.

"Colnbrook Recreation Ground was just a field with a couple of pitches. Now it is lovely. The Pippins recreation ground has been transformed. We got traffic calming in the village, Regency lamps, hanging baskets."

Cllr Hood said that the Parish Council had always tried to remain non-political, relying on Independent members.

He said: "Many of the issues still exist, particularly traffic and pollution. But still the council continues to strive to improve things."