A WORLD record attempt to reach uncharted polar territory looks set to include 36-year-old Windsor woman Kayley Arthington on the team.

Miss Arthington, of Oxford Road, has been chosen by famed explorer Jim McNeill to be part of a 28-strong team which aimsmeans to become the first in history to reach the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility.

It is the last truly significant spot in the polar regions yet to be reached by mankind. It is defined as the furthest point from land on the Arctic Ocean and therefore its geographic centre.

It is more than 200 miles further than the Geographic North Pole and the whole journey will be near to 800 miles from the northern shores of Canada, taking in the North Magnetic Pole en route.

It is Mr McNeill’s third attempt at the challenge – his last had to be abandoned when breaking ice proved too dangerous.

Having been selected for the Ice Warrior Quest, Miss Arthington, a maintenance engineer with the Royal Mail based in Langley, will now undergo an intensive training session to prepare her for the expedition.

She said: “I was selected to go after a tough weekend on Dartmoor. In January, we will be going to Norway’s most northern town to get used to the cold while learning medical and rescue skills and rope work.”

She is no stranger to adventure, having backpacked to Japan and spent two years in Tanzania with the Voluntary Service Overseas group teaching electrical engineering in a vocational college.

She said: “My heart is still over there. I have been back three times.”

While taking part in the Ice Warrior Quest, she will travel on foot over a gruelling 20-day period.

The team will have sledges that double as kayaks and emergency shelters specially designed for this expedition.

Members will be gathering vital scientific data throughout and the expedition could make a major contribution to global warming knowledge.

Where does Miss Arthington get her spirit of adventure?

She said: “I put it down to going to brownies, guides and rangers as a kid.

"My parents made me think I could do anything I wanted. They think this is bonkers. They are excited but they know it is dangerous.”